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i have to give credit where it is due - my friends Ashley and David @ Storyphotographers are responsible for planting the idea in my mind for using the word "story" to shape the wedding songs project you're about to explore, and you should definitely visit their site to see the way that they have captured and tell stories in their medium.
my tool is  s o n g w r i t i n g, and for each individual song i write, there is a greater context, a larger story.  but within each song, i try to tell a story, if only a small part of the grander narrative. 
the WeddingSongs album that has just released (soon to be available on iTunes, currently available for download on CDBaby) is a collection of songs/stories i've written over the past few years, but the song itself is only one small story - i will use this space to give a better picture of the larger story behind each song. 
check out the fellow storytellers page to see who has helped me along so far, and check the following stories to see a glimpse of the power and the mystery that is 'marriage'

i'll be posting the stories over the next few months, so check back for the first story next week - the story behind 'Awake,' the first track on the album!


  1. Very excited that it is finally all coming together. You better believe I'll be letting any engaged friends hear these tracks.

    ~The Grangers

  2. Can't wait to hear the story behind "Awake"! I haven't heard the whole CD, but I bet it is the best song on there! =0) j/k Also, let us know how we can go about getting a copy of this CD all the way over here in PNG!!


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