catching up

 unfortunately, life has ways of catching up with me.

i have learned to love planning things out... but now, even if i've got something planned WAY in advance and i have a good idea how i'm going to take steps to get there, something usually happens to bring the rest of life's circumstances rushing in to crowd me out.

i had a pretty great vision for how i was going to progress this blog through the WeddingSongs album, telling each story in turn... but being a director for creative arts at a local church and a leader of music every Sunday requires a bit of time, and being a good husband (my first priority) requires a bit of time as well.

i'm definitely still learning how to balance all of this, and although life certainly caught me over the winter months, i'm going to press on and plan out how to keep the stories happening here, and keep the story happening in my family, as well.


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