catching up

over the past few weeks, i've realized several things:

leading people in worship is a very comprehensive pastoral task... much more than just playing songs well.

i don't spend enough time writing anymore

i really love my son!

i've been in the midst of preparing a worship practicum/internship/seminar with my good friend Aaron Leeds, the worship pastor at Triangle Community Church, and i've been re-reading Worship Matters by Bob Kauflin with another good friend, Forrest.  in both of these circumstances, the immensity of the calling to lead people in worship of the Creator has been working to churn a lot of thought in my mind, but i haven't really decided what forum to express these thoughts... maybe here, after all.  Although i intended to largely post stuff related to the WeddingSongs project, maybe i should stretch the blog into a more general songwriting/theology space.

that said, i don't spend NEARLY the time writing that i used to, even a year ago.  part of that is because i read too much... well, maybe not too much, but more than is necessary to stimulate good thought.  i've caught myself reading for the sake of escapism a couple times recently, and that's not particularly helpful.  i'm probably going to take my guitar on vacation with my wife, and just play around, hang out with her, and try to relax for a day or two.  we'll see how that works out...

while my wife and i celebrate our anniversary (5 years) together, we'll be leaving our son with some trusted friends... but i don't know if i can handle it.  I've really grown to love the routine of getting him up in the morning, and spending time with him when i get back from the office before he goes to bed.  how weird will it be for those days we're gone...?

anyways, here's to some more frequent postings here...


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