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a new season

In 2014, I began a PhD program in Theology & Worship at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, NC - the last two years have been amazing and overwhelming. In 2015, we added a 3rd child to our family - and this little blessing was equally a challenge at first as we spent time in the NICU at UNC Children's Hospital at birth and several months later. As 2016 kicks off - I'm in my last semester of coursework for the PhD, and looking forward to several great opportunities this year: - singing in two weddings in June - writing an original song for one of those couples! - presenting a session at the National Worship Leaders' Conference (NWLC) in May just outside of DC - doing an independent study with a top-notch evangelical scholar that culminates in July If you're inclined, please pray for me in this particularly full season of life!  And if I can serve you through leading worship or participating in your wedding, please don't hesitate to

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